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Phumic shale mining

oil shale National Geographic Society

Oil shale is a type of sedimentary rock that is rich in kerogen Kerogen is a part of rock that breaks down and releases hydrocarbons when heated Hydrocarbons are substances made entirely of hydrogen and carbon Petroleum and natural gas are probably the most familiar hydrocarbons are probably the most familiar hydrocarbons

Coal Geology

COAL OIL SHALE NATURAL BITUMEN HEAVY OIL AND PEAT – Vol I Coal Geology Han Dexin 169 Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems EOLSS COAL GEOLOGY Han Dexin China University of Mining and Technology Beijing The People s Republic of

The Truth about Humic Acid Products

Typically separated from humic matter by alkaline extraction Humic acid singular the acid radical found in humic matter which is soluble in alkali but insoluble in acid methyl ethyl ketone and methyl alcohol Humate the salts of humic acids collectively or

Leonardite Products

Leonardite Products About Us Leonardite Products LLC is an independently owned and operated mining and processing company located in Williston North Dakota an area boasting one of the richest Leonardite deposits in the world


CiteSeerX Document Details Isaac Councill Lee Giles Pradeep Teregowda Humates are salts or esters of humic acid Gary and others 1972 however the term quot humate quot is also used to describe humic acid rich carbonaceous shale or claystone The deposits

Mineral Commodities Trust Lands Administration Trust

The Trust manages lands containing a wide variety of mineral resources Please contact us for more information on leasing specific mineral commodities Andy Bedingfield Building Stone Clay Coal Gypsum Humic Shale Industrial Sands Limestone Oil Shale Sand


UTAH MINING 2018 Metals Industrial Minerals Coal Uranium and Unconventional Fuels 2018 UTAH MINING INDUSTRY SUMMARY The estimated combined value of Utah s extractive resource production in 2018 totaled 6 8 billion including crude oil figure 1

Humic shale is like the floor of a forest very compacted dry

Answer about Colloidal Minerals and Humic Shale by Doctor Joel Wallach Humic shale is like the floor of a forest very compacted dry leaves and sticks The consistency is

mining plant derived minerals

Man developed chemical fertilizers in the early 1900 s by making or mining Plant derived minerals that have not been altered by man made chemicals are Get Price Youngevity s Humic Shale Mine in Utah The Soul of a Horse

COLLOIDAL MINERALS Doctor Wallach what is Humic

Colloidal Minerals are made from Prehistoric Humic Shale says Doctor Wallach of Dead Doctors Don r Lie fame Doctor Joel Wallach Colloidal Mineral Question for Doctor Joel Wallach What is the consistency of humic Shale If this is fossilized plant


Leonardite is a soft waxy black or brown shiny vitreous mineraloid that is easily soluble in alkaline solutions It is an oxidation product of lignite associated with near surface mining It is a rich source of humic acid up to 90 and is used as a soil conditioner as a stabilizer for ion exchange resins in water treatment in the remediation of polluted environments and as a drilling

New Mexico Geological Society

being restored after disruption by coal strip mining is un known J R Gosz and C T Siemers written commun 1974 SOURCES OF HUMIC ACID Humic acid can be recovered in some quantity from peat peat moss some forest soils lignite and brown coal

The Rockland Mine

The Rockland Mine 174 Welcome to the Rockland Mine 174 the source for the world s finest humic shale reserves At the Rockland Mine 174 we extract prepare and refine humic shale and its derivatives to the highest industry standards Since the mine was opened in

Kolloidale Mineralien – Psiram

Im US Bundesstaat Utah ist die T J Clark Company offiziell als Hersteller zur humic shale mining operation zugelassen Nach seri 246 sen Angaben ist davon auszugehen dass in dem in Frage kommenden Abbaugebiet eine etwa 10 Meter starke kohlehaltige

100 New Mexico Humates

New Product Humic DG Learn more about our new Dispersing Humic Acid Granule Humic DG is a 62 HA granule that disperses in minutes with water DG

Humic Shale

But the area where the Majestic Earth Minerals comes from where the humic shale is had less than 2 quot of rainfall a year So there was not enough rain to fossilize or petrify Look up the word quot shale quot in the dictionary and you ll find it s just a layered compacted

Production Process

Production Process About Us Contact Us United Minerals LLC 435 2460 Harvesting the Minerals Our minerals are harvested from billions of tons of Humic shale found in Emery County Utah This shale contains prehistoric plant derived minerals

Oil shale

Oil shale gains attention as a potential abundant source of oil whenever the price of crude oil rises At the same time oil shale mining and processing raise a number of environmental concerns such as land use waste disposal water use waste water and

PDF Exploitation and utilization of oil shale in the coal

The system consists of oil shale mining and comprehensive utilization Haishiwan oil shale has developed in a paragenetic relationship with humic coal in coal measure strata Underground mining

Welcome to Rich Earth

Rich Earth Prehistoric Humate Soil Amendments RICH EARTH Soil Compost is derived from concentrated humic shale For many years we have been OMRI listed but due to rising fees for each product we have dropped our listing but our product and quality


This exact material has a good amount of humic but is lower in fulvic However now this term has spread and many people refer to humates in general as Leonardite BioAg uses a carbonaceous shale or mudstone Even in this formation the quality varies


with humic coal in coal measure strata Underground mining technology is applied to the oil shale seam The exploitation and utilization system for Haishiwan oil shale has a great significance for two reasons On the one hand combined with gas drainage

Humic Shale

Humic shale can also be utilized for the production of liquid hydrophilic minerals for human and animal consumption This can be accomplished by placing humic shale in a food grade vat or tank The shale is then covered with cool contaminant

Colloidal Minerals Unnecessary and Potentially Hazardous

asserts that its products contain neither humus nor shale even though it is registered with the State of Utah as a humic shale mining operation 6 Some promoters claim that the shale deposits were only lightly covered by 30 feet of sandstone just

Humic Shale

COLLOIDAL MINERALS Order On line COLLOIDAL MINERALS Question What is the consistency of humic Shale If this is fossilized plant life then how can Majestic Earth Minerals be such small particle size as you claim Humic shale is like

Board Members Archive

Russell Taylor is President of Live Earth Products Inc which is a premium producer of humic shale derived products He has spent 20 years in the mining extraction and marketing of humic acid based products Areas of experience


Alkaline Extraction of Humic Substances from Peat Applied to Organic Mineral Fertilizer Production 677 Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering Vol 31 No 03 pp 675 682 July September 2014 carbonates in concentrations of 0


each for potash phosphate geothermal and humic shale Jer ry Mansfield SITLA written communication June 2018 In 20 there was a dramatic increase in the num ber of new unpatented mining claims filed on federal lands in

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